Practice Areas

Elluma Discovery is celebrating its tenth year providing integrated digital forensic services, data recovery and electronic discovery to the legal community and corporations. Based in California, we work with businesses and litigators to effectively solve eDiscovery and forensic issues surrounding employment disputes, trade secrets, securities, intellectual property, copyright, criminal defense, public agencies, technology, transportation, personal injury, hotels, fraud, product liability, contracts and general business litigation.

We tackle each challenge with our considerable knowledge and proactive approach to problem solving. We enable our clients to better address their litigation and business issues through a case-centric approach. We work each matter with the expectation that expert testimony will be required. By approaching each matter from an expert witness perspective, we keep our clients’ best interests and goals front and center.

We focus our practice in four areas :

Employment Litigation

Elluma Discovery has worked extensively in cases involving labor and employment issues. Frequently we are engaged prior to litigation to help employers resolve issues surrounding employee activities including email activity, web browsing activity, and trade secrets transferred offsite.

Intellectual Property Litigation

In today’s electronic age, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to protect and maintain their intellectual property. Trade secrets such as customer lists are sometimes lost through misappropriation by employees or third parties. Elluma Discovery has extensive experience facilitating positive results in matters involving intellectual property.

Securities and FINRA Litigation

Elluma Discovery has conducted extensive forensic analysis in FINRA arbitrations and securities-related litigation and provided relevant testimony before FINRA arbitration panels. When a database of customers and prospects is at issue, Elluma is one of a very small number firms who are able to conduct sophisticated database forensics.

Document Authentication

Document authentication in the 21st century has moved largely away from handwriting experts and into the realm of digital forensic services. Email has almost completely replaced mail and fax as the primary means businesses use to send documents.