About Us

Eric Robi founded the firm in Los Angeles in 2002 to provide computer forensic expert witness services for litigators. Since that time, the technology industry has experienced exponential growth and has become deeply ingrained into the practice of law. As we have seen the complexity and volume of data rise, Elluma has continually evolved the techniques and tools used to analyze and process the e-Discovery so as to best serve our clients’ needs.

We offer an integrated approach to e-Discovery and computer forensics.

As the volume of email, documents and data increases, we have continually expanded our approaches and tools to address our clients’ goals. By integrating e-Discovery and computer forensics we can effectively tackle a wide range of needs. Computer forensics is an excellent tool to help determine specific actions an individual took on a computer or device. Our computer forensic analysts help solve the questions of who did what, when, where and how.

On the other hand, our e-Discovery consultants can help when there is a larger volume of data from servers, multiple computers parties. Our processes and technology is designed to ‘cut to the chase’ and determine what information is truly important in a case.

We consult with every client and provide detailed recommendations based on over 20 years combined experience. Unlike other e discovery service providers, we don’t just seek to host your data. We actively participate in your case as your trusted advisor and guide you through the complex maze of targeted production demands, case strategy, deposition preparation, document search review and analysis and finally expert testimony.

We understand that litigators are not technology experts. Our job is to proactively guide and teach what you need to know to litigate your case as effectively as possible.

  •   Who We Are  

    Eric Robi is the founder and President of Elluma Discovery which provides a full range of electronic discovery services, computer forensic services and expert witness testimony. Eric has been actively involved in the legal technology industry since 2002 when he founded the firm. He is a sought-after computer expert witness with testimony in over a dozen trials and many depositions. He is an active member of the E.D.R.M. (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) which is an independent standards organization comprised of over 120 of the leading industry firms. Learn More
  •   How We Help You  

    Elluma Discovery takes a unique approach to eDiscovery and computer forensics. As computer technology continues to evolve, our services continue to evolve in tandem. We approach each case as an expert witness would. We work as your eDiscovery partner and actively locate, analyze and produce data relevant to your case. Learn More
  •   Our Clients  

    We work with clients across a broad spectrum of the private and public sectors. From Law Firms to Goverment/Education Elluma is your trusted partner for professional, thorough and timely handling of digital evidence. Learn More
  •   Industries Served  

    Elluma Discovery’s eDiscovery and computer forensic consultants bring decades of experience to the table. We work extensively in the area of commercial litigation and directly with corporations to solve problems involving electronically stored information. Learn More

How We Can Help You

Elluma Discovery takes a unique approach to eDiscovery and computer forensics. As computer technology continues to evolve, our services continue to evolve in tandem.

A Proactive Approach

We enable our clients to better address their litigation and business issues through a case-centric approach keep our clients’ best interests and goals front and center.  

Expert Experience

We evaluate the facts and the technical merits of the matter based on our 20 years + combined experience.

Electronic Discovery

We believe that an integrated approach provides our clients with the most appropriate options.  

Computer Forensics

We believe that an integrated approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery provides for superior results.  

Expert Witness

Our experts have testified on issues relating to database forensics, email, computer usage patterns, and recovered files to name a few.  

Data Collection

deploy a broad range of data collection techniques including remote collections nationwide including servers, desktops, databases, cell phones and websites.