Intellectual Property Litigation

In today’s electronic age, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to protect and maintain their intellectual property. Trade secrets such as customer lists are sometimes lost through misappropriation by employees or third parties. Elluma Discovery has extensive experience facilitating positive results in matters involving intellectual property.

Conversely if a search across a large set of documents is required in response to a discovery demand, we may perform a forensic collection from servers and then search and analyze the results using eDiscovery tools. We address each situation uniquely and consult with you to arrive at a strategy that focuses on achieving your goals while at the same time realizing cost-savings.

We believe that a blended approach using top-tier forensic and eDiscovery technology coupled with experienced consultants yields results that are more effective and cost-efficient. Having an arsenal of tools and techniques at our disposal allows us to customize a case strategy that can best address the needs of a particular client be they large or small.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Pre-Litigation

    Collection and review of computers, documents and cell phones
    Use of trademarks and copyrighted material on competitor websites
    Ongoing, scheduled preservation of social media
    Ongoing, scheduled preservation of web sites
    Search for unusual employee activities
    Search for customer lists and database misappropriation
    Use of trade secrets on competitor websites
    eDiscovery and case strategy consulting

  • Litigation phase

    Case strategy consulting
    Cost-reduction through use of technology
    Data collections
    Computer forensic analysis
    Comparisons of databases and customer lists
    Comparisons of computer source code in copyright matters
    Comparisons of web site content in copyright matters
    Data processing of emails and documents
    Advanced search capabilities
    Online document review with industry-leading platforms
    Document identification
    Expert report generation
    Expert witness testimony
    Privileged and confidential document search and determination
    Production sets for Concordance, Summation, Ringtail etc.