Employment litigation

Elluma Discovery has worked extensively in cases involving labor and employment issues. Frequently we are engaged prior to litigation to help employers resolve issues surrounding employee activities including email activity, web browsing activity, and trade secrets transferred offsite. We believe that litigation can sometimes be avoided by taking a proactive approach to the situation and analyzing employee computers, emails, documents and cell phones early on.

When employment disputes cannot be resolved, our eDiscovery experts take a strategic approach to the litigation and work diligently to achieve a balance of cost-reduction while still effectively meeting our clients’ needs.

Some of the electronic discovery services we provide include:

  • Pre-litigation

    Collection, search and review of emails
    Review of documents and computer activity
    Ongoing, scheduled preservation of social media
    Search for material in contravention of terms of employment
    Search for activities in contravention of terms of employment
    Transfer of intellectual property and trade secrets
    Online review platform for counsel and business owners
    eDiscovery and strategic consulting

  • Litigation phase

    Data collections
    Cost-reduction through use of technology
    Case strategy consulting
    Computer forensic analysis
    Data processing of emails and documents
    Advanced search capabilities
    Online document review
    Document identification
    Expert report generation
    Expert witness testimony
    Privileged and confidential document search and determination
    eDiscovery productions to Concordance, Summation, Ringtail etc.

Serving both plaintiffs, defendants, employers and employees we provide digital forensic services in cases involving employment agreements, discrimination, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, intellectual property, wrongful termination, sexual harassment claims, unfair competition, issues involving customer lists and trade secret matters.

Frequently a matter contains hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents and emails. By utilizing our best-of-breed search technology, we can quickly pinpoint the critical documents and emails in a case and avoid extensive manual review by creating relevant data sets. Using artificial intelligence, we can even search for concepts such as ‘fraud’ when keyword searching typically fails.

Our computer forensic analysts have over 20 years combined experience and can rapidly identify documents and emails responsive to your case. Employing advanced filtering and search technology not only saves time, it also allows us to effectively contain costs.