Electronic Discovery

Elluma Discovery provides integrated eDiscovery and computer forensics. We believe that an integrated approach provides our clients with the most appropriate options for any given situation while realizing cost and manpower efficiencies.

A matter may benefit from e Discovery, computer forensics or both. We are frequently able to uncover information that would have been missed if we strictly applied one approach or the other. Our clients have realized multiple successes from this approach.

Our EDRM Services

Elluma offers a range of electronic discovery services across the EDRM spectrum:

  • Data Collections

    Elluma Discovery can deploy a broad range of data collection techniques including remote collections nationwide including servers, desktops, databases, cell phones and websites. Our techniques are fast, efficient, defensible and cost-effective. For an expanded description of this service, visit our Data Collections page.
  • Early data evaluation

    Whether your case involves millions of files or just a single hard drive, Elluma Discovery can cost-effectively evaluate the data in your matter and help focus your initial efforts. We subject many of our smaller matters to this process to rapidly discover where key information lies.
  • Data processing

    Elluma Discovery is capable of processing large volumes of data in short timeframes. We can index and extract full text and metadata from documents, emails, images and a wide variety of file types. We can handle embedded and compound files such as emails attachments and .zip container files.

    In this phase we offer:

    Indexing metadata extraction
    Culling based on date range, file type, custodian etc.
    Keyword and other searches based on your parameters
    Email threading
    Identification of relevant documents and emails
    Full OCR capability

    In this phase we aim to reduce the volume of your data and hone in on an initial data set for the review phase of your project.
  • Production and load files

    Elluma’s e Discovery experts can create production sets and load files that conform to any standard or custom format including native files. We can produce TIFF, PDF or mixed production sets.

    Some of our capabilities include:

    Production for common review platforms such as Concordance and Relativity
    Maintenance of original email threading and attachments
    BATES stamping and custom branding
    Redactions and privilege logs
    Production in native format such as Word, Excel
    Full metadata extraction
  • Online document review

    Elluma Discovery provides online legal document review for matters large and small. We offer industry-leading online review via a browser and are equipped to handle extremely large data sets with dedicated customer support.

    Some of the ways we service our clients include:

    Computer Assisted Review using Artificial Intelligence
    Data analytics – uncover patterns in your case
    Security – lock down your tags, metadata, searches and fields
    Rolling production sets
    Conceptual review and non-linear review
    Full search and culling using time and date, custodian etc.
    Customized review workflows
    Privilege document exclusions and privilege logs