Who We Are

Meet Our Team

With over 20 years + combined experience, we bring the unknown to light by helping you manage compliance, navigate litigation, and mitigate risk relating to fraud, impropriety and security threats.We are a multicultural team of leading experts from the fields of investigations, intelligence, risk analysis, cyber security, data breach response, and e-discovery. We are committed to serving clients with independence and integrity.

  •   Eric Robi, CCE, President  

    Eric Robi is the founder and President of Elluma Discovery which provides a full range of electronic discovery services, computer forensic services and expert witness testimony. Eric has been actively involved in the legal technology industry since 2002 when he founded the firm. He is a sought-after computer expert witness with testimony in over a dozen trials and many depositions. He is an active member of the E.D.R.M. (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) which is an independent standards organization comprised of over 120 of the leading industry firms.

    Prior to founding Elluma Discovery, Eric worked as an application developer and project manager developing computer-based-training software and services. Eric managed and actively participated in the development of early distance learning education delivered solely via technology. Eric holds a Master’s degree in Education with a specialty in Instructional Technology from Cal State Los Angeles which is a cross-disciplinary degree focusing the union of education and technology.

    In addition to his duties at Elluma Discovery Eric sits on the Advisory Board for computer forensics at Cal State Fullerton and also teaches classes there in electronic discovery and computer forensics. He has been interviewed by CBS and Fox on numerous occasions regarding data security and forensics.
  •   Sherry Katz, Vice President  

    Sherry Katz is Vice President at Elluma Discovery. She is also a computer forensic examiner and an attorney licensed in the State of California. She has extensive experience in both the computer and legal industries.

    She began her career as an Intelligence Specialist and Legal Assistant at the Department of State while attending George Washington University Law School. She then served as an attorney at the US Department of Interior (“DOI”). She was the principal author of key regulations, including regulations on the Assessment of Damages to Natural Resources under the Comprehensive Environmental Compensation and Liability Act (“CERCLA”). She then served as the Director, Office of Environmental Guidance in the US Department of Energy.

    Upon leaving government service she concentrated her practice in environmental law and handled a number of matters in administrative proceedings and litigation. She also conducted due diligence and environmental legal audits. She left the private practice of law in 1995 as a Partner in the Los Angeles Office of Graham and James.

    She has over 300 hours of courses in electronic discovery, and forensics and legal IT issues both at the SANS Institute and Guidance Software, earning the ENCE and the GIAC GLEG certifications. Sherry also serves as an expert witness in the areas of eDiscovery and computer forensics.
  •   Bryan La Rock, VP of Client Services  

    Bryan La Rock is Vice President of Client Services at Elluma Discovery. He has worked as a computer forensic analyst at Elluma Discovery since 2007 and has examined electronic evidence for well over 100 cases. He has testified as an expert witness in federal court and at civil arbitration. Bryan holds a CCE certification (Certified Computer Examiner), which is granted to him by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners.

    Bryan comes to the world of digital forensic services from a rich computer background. He has been passionate about computers his entire life, having written his first computer program when he was about 7 years old. He earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California. After graduating, he worked as an independent contractor, helping small businesses in the Los Angeles area with their computer and network needs.

    With this background, Bryan brings a unique set of skills to Elluma Discovery. He specializes in advanced techniques including database forensics, data recovery, timeline analysis, and custom forensic programming. He also serves as an eDiscovery expert and has developed processes that help Elluma excel in the areas of ESI processing, hosting, and production.

How We Can Help You

Elluma Discovery takes a unique approach to eDiscovery and computer forensics. As computer technology continues to evolve, our services continue to evolve in tandem.

A Proactive Approach

We enable our clients to better address their litigation and business issues through a case-centric approach keep our clients’ best interests and goals front and center.  

Expert Experience

We evaluate the facts and the technical merits of the matter based on our 20 years + combined experience.

Electronic Discovery

We believe that an integrated approach provides our clients with the most appropriate options.  

Computer Forensics

We believe that an integrated approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery provides for superior results.  

Expert Witness

Our experts have testified on issues relating to database forensics, email, computer usage patterns, and recovered files to name a few.  

Data Collection

deploy a broad range of data collection techniques including remote collections nationwide including servers, desktops, databases, cell phones and websites.