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Elluma eDiscovery Experts
Elluma Discovery

eDiscovery Experts

We employ a variety of strategies to perform comprehensive computer forensic analysis, data recovery and consultation on a expert level

Our Services

Elluma Discovery supports law firms and corporations with issues involving litigation and pre-litigation. We strongly believe that a consultative approach to your matter yields the best results and lowest costs for our clients. We differentiate ourselves by integrating eDiscovery and computer forensics into a unique offering that can be tailored to your needs. Every matter is different and we recognize that by designing eDiscovery strategies that incorporate our clients’ goals into a roadmap that helps achieve them.


Through our integrated approach of eDiscovery and computer forensics, we strategically approach each matter with a customized set of services, techniques, software and recommendations to best fit your needs. We take an ‘expert witness approach’ to because we believe that a solid case frequently requires expert testimony based upon steps taken that are performed defensibly.

We proudly offer three core services:



An integrated approach blending eDiscovery and computer forensics to appropriate aspects of your case. The Ediscovery consultants at Elluma Discovery provide a complete range of services from consulting, strategy, collections, data processing, document review and production.

Elluma offers a range of electronic discovery services across the EDRM spectrum:

  • Data Collections

  • Early data evaluation

  • Data processing

  • Production and load files

  • Online document review

Computer Forensics

With over 10 years experience and hundreds of cases, we offer a depth of litigation experience, a range of leading-edge tools and techniques and the expertise to effectively support your most complex, technical cases.

We employ a variety of strategies to perform comprehensive computer forensic analysis, data recovery and consultation on a expert level.

  • Professional Services

  • Technical Services

  • Analysis

Data Collections

We can deploy a broad range of industry-standard software and hardware nationwide to collect data from servers, desktops, databases, cell phones and websites on site or over the web.


Elluma Discovery has extensive experience performing forensic data collections from a multitude of different computers, devices and the cloud. Electronically stored information (ESI) is found in many different locations.

  • Data Collections

  • Cloud Data Collections


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

Industries Served

We work extensively in the area of commercial litigation and directly with corporations to solve problems involving electronically stored information.

Employment litigation - Trade secret litigation - Securities litigation - General business litigation - Personal injury litigation - Receivers - Auto manufacturing - Toy manufacturing - Medical technology - High technology - Public entities - Shipping industry - Software industry  


Many businesses and law firms large and small put their trust in Elluma Discovery to provide services crucial to them. Our clientele includes significant numbers of law firms,  various enterprises and Government/Educational institutions

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Elluma Discovery is celebrating its tenth year providing integrated digital forensic services, data recovery and electronic discovery to the legal community and corporations. Based in California, we work with businesses and litigators to effectively solve eDiscovery and forensic issues surrounding employment disputes, trade secrets, securities, intellectual property, copyright, criminal defense, public agencies, technology, transportation, personal injury, hotels, fraud, product liability, contracts and general business litigation.

We tackle each challenge with our considerable knowledge and proactive approach to problem solving. We enable our clients to better address their litigation and business issues through a case-centric approach. We work each matter with the expectation that expert testimony will be required. By approaching each matter from an expert witness perspective, we keep our clients’ best interests and goals front and center.


We focus our practice in the following four areas :



Litigation phase

Intellectual Property Litigation


Litigation phase

Forensic Services

Computer and Mobile devices

Document Authentication

Elluma Discovery offers over 12 years of expertise in the field of computer forensics and electronic discovery
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