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Document Authentication

Document Authentication

Document authentication in the 21st century has moved largely away from handwriting experts and into the realm of digital forensic services. Email has almost completely replaced mail and fax as the primary means businesses use to send documents.

Our computer forensic analysts look for context and consistency when examining a document for authenticity. Today documents are generated on computers and sent in their native format or scanned and emailed. The process of sending a document from one party to another leaves traces of its existence on multiple computers and in various places. Naturally a document that is authentic will contain metadata and leave a trail of artifacts on the system that is consistent with its authenticity.

Conversely, a document that has been forged or altered will often include metadata or other indicators that are inconsistent with its authenticity. Elluma has examined many documents for authenticity since 2002 and our integrated approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery gives us an edge in document examination that few other firms can match.

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