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Computer forensics

Computer Forensics

Elluma Discovery offers over 10 years of expertise in the field of computer forensics. An integrated approach to computer forensics and electronic discovery provides superior results and cost efficiencies requiring less time and resources. Elluma Discovery utilizes advanced technologies and techniques from both disciplines to provide our clients with an insightful look into their data such as emails, documents and important events.


Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, California, Elluma Discovery provides a wealth of experience in litigation and trial support. Our experts have testified in multiple venues in both Federal and State Courts.

Our Computer Forensics Services

We employ a variety of strategies to perform comprehensive computer forensic analysis, data recovery and consultation on an expert level.

Professional Services

We provide the following professional services for clients seeking expert level consultation:

Technical Services

Our specialized array of equipment and certified team of forensic analysts provides us with the expertise and capability to perform the following forensic services in the technical arena:


We are equipped and staffed to perform forensic analysis of data in many forms wherever it lives.

Our digital forensic analysts have worked in hundreds of cases involving commercial litigation, employment matters, intellectual property and trade secrets, FINRA and securities litigation, criminal defense, breach of contract, and many other issues.

Strategic consulting, expert rebuttal and timeline analysis

Professional Services

Strategic Consulting

We provide case consultation and strategy to help best direct your case. We provide direction on discovery and production demands, Rule 26(f) meet and confer assistance, hold letters, data processing, deposition preparation, witness preparation, archived data and general consulting as it relates to electronically stored information.

Expert Rebuttal

Elluma Discovery’s forensic experts can provide an in-depth analysis of opposing experts’ opinions and reports. We also prepare and educate attorneys to prepare for depositions of opposing experts (and percipient witnesses).

Timeline Analysis

Events taken from a computer out of context often do not tell a complete story. We offer timeline analysis which can provide a chronology of activity on a computer to help put important events in context. Provided in graphical form, timeline analysis can help piece together a story of what really occurred.

Technical Services

Technical services,financial extraction and data processing

Financial Information Extraction

When financial information is stored on a computer, Elluma can extract and convert data into a format that can be utilized by a forensic accountant. We work with common formats used by small and medium sized businesses such as QuickBooks, and Quicken.

Data Processing and Search

To enable rapid information identification, Elluma utilizes high speed indexing and processing servers to quickly locate facts and data relevant to a case. Our processing engine allows us to dramatically cut down on human search and review time creating efficiencies and reducing costs.

Cell Phone Forensics

iPhones and other cell phones are becoming increasingly common sources of eDiscovery in litigation. Elluma Discovery can recover deleted text messages, emails, contacts, photos and other kinds of data from most common mobile devices.

Password Cracking

We provide password cracking for many common file types such QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat files and Microsoft Office files such as Word and Excel documents.

Cell phone forensics and password cracking


Analysis, data recovery and USB devices

Data Recovery

When data has been deleted from a hard drive, often it is possible to recover important data such as emails, documents or photos. Our digital forensic services can often recover information in cases even when the hard drive has failed.

USB Device Analysis

In matters involving trade secrets, Elluma can search for and determine if USB drives or thumb drives have been inserted into a computer and if information has been copied.

Internet Browsing History

We can analyze websites that have been visited, and recover artifacts such as email, documents and create a timeline of website visits.

Video Recovery and Analysis

Elluma Discovery has expertise extracting, recovering and analyzing video from a variety of sources such as DVR surveillance systems, computers and cell phones.

Database Forensics

Elluma Discovery provides database forensics which can be used to compare different databases in trade secrets matters or get a timeline of activities and events with a database. We are experts with all common database formats and programs such as SQL, Access, Goldmine, and SalesLogix.

Internet browsing, video recovery and database forensics

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Computer Forensics



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